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2.4mR originated from Stockholm 1983 by local yacht designers who used the “R Metre” rule to create a single-handed keelboat, 2.4mR. It is a thoroughbred racer that has the complexity of a sophisticated keelboat, without the high costs, and the fingertip feeling of a dinghy. As a sister to the bigger 6m, 8m and 12m yachts, she possesses the typical powerful Metre boat sailing style.

The helms-person sits down in the boat facing forward with all the trim controls within arms reach, the sailing is not physically demanding and racing is done in one open class with men, women, young and old, abled and disabled sailors racing together.

The Charger 2.4 meter is perhaps the best, most fun single handed boat you will ever sail. It can be as tactical, technical and fast as you want it to be. In many ways, it is like sailing your own small 12mR. Anyone who has sailed a 2.4 meter will tell you that they are exciting to sail, very competitive to race and offer loads of FUN…

The Charger 2.4 mR built in Finland is the norm for high quality. More then 90% of the 2.4mR boats competing world wide have been built in our moulds in Kokkola, Finland.

We take pride in building these great boats and serving the most colourful group of sailors worldwide.


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