Charger 2.4mR

LOA 4.18 m
BEAM 0.805 m
Hull weight w/ lead 242 kg
Mast length 4.65 m
Sail area 7.5 m2
Crew 1
RYA PN 1250

Charger 2.4mR

Charger Sailing

The Charger Norlin MkIII is the most class dominating 2.4mR ever built. More than 900 Norlin MkIII’s  boats have been build by us over the years and our boats currently represent around 90% of the active competing boats worldwide.

Every boat is build with great precision by experienced boat builders in region where boat building is in peoples blood and the skills have been transferred and improved for generations.

At Charger we use the best material only. Our current boat is vacuum infused with epoxy based vinylester resin that impregnate strategically placed multi directional fibers (6 directions) and a foam core. This makes for the stiffest serial produced 2.4mR in history. We use marine grade stainless for all our fittings and fit every boat out with Harken fittings only.

After more than 30 years of experience in building 2.4mR’s our expertise with high quality and performance are unmatched in the industry.  A Charger Norlin MkIII is hand built with pride by some of the worlds best boat builders.

Why should you buy a Charger Norlin MkIII?

You are not settling for second best. Best quality, best performance, best looks and best value for money. Thats why!!