The lay-up for years to come

After intense material and practical testing both on an of the water we have designed the stiffest laminate schedule ever used in a serial produced 2.4mR. Our current lay up has both theoratically and practically proven to be unmatched. With a perfectly ballanced sandwich with strategically placed directional fibers (6 different directions) infused with Epoxy Vinylester on a Divinycell H80 core we are ready for the future.

With this lay up The 2017 Charger 2.4mR is the most competetive boat we have ever build.

Production of the new boats has started and the first 7 boats are sold. Feel free to contact us for more info

Sell your used boat here.

We want to help you sell your used boat. If you have 2.4mR for sale send us boat info (plaque nr, build year, builder etc.) some pictures, a short description about the status of the boat and a list of options that come with it. of course contact info will be handy as well. we will than place an ad in our used boats for sale section.