Co-operation with Edge sailing

As we informed before Charger Technology and Edge Sailing are working closely together in the quest to build 2.4mR boats as equal as possible in order to create a real OD class.

In order to serve the North American market Charger Technology and Edge Sailing have agreed to produce the first series of the new lay up boats in Finland by Charger Technology and ship them to the USA. This way the demand for new boats can be handled smoothly and Edge Sailing is not pressed by time but can make sure that the US production will be top notch as well.

First deliveries

The first five boats have arrived at Edge Sailing. For enquiries, please feel free to contact Evert Aartsen at Charger Technology or Tony Pocklington at Edge Sailing for more information or purchase of a new boat.

Best regards,

First Asia game 2.4mR medal for Hong Kong

At the Asian games Hong Kong participated for the first time in the 2.4mR class with a boat we send to them last summer. 42 year old Foo Yuen Wai suprised his competitors with a surprising but well deserved Bronze medal place. More about the Hong Kong sailability program you can read here.